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Federal Buildings and Facilities Geospatial Data Content Standard

Index page. The FGDC Standards WG approved this proposal at its February 23, 2010 meeting.

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1. To establish fundamental definitions for federal buildings and facilities, which are foundational data essential to federal asset accountability. These data will provide the basis for support of homeland security, emergency response, and other federal government initiatives.

2. To develop a minimum set of attributes describing federal buildings and facilities data, with standardized attribute values where appropriate.

3. To provide minimum geospatial standards for the collection of geospatial data on the federal buildings and facilities.

4. To minimize the duplication of data collection and maintenance on federal buildings and facilities and to allow aggregation of data from different sources.


Geospatial data on federal buildings and facilities exists on many different levels of detail. The initial scope of this standard is based on the location of buildings and facilities as represented by point feature geometry and the identification of the feature classes, minimum attributes, and associated valid attribute values needed to identify the building or facility. Examples of potential feature classes include buildings, structures, and sites. Potential attributes include real property unique identifier, name, address, coordinates, etc. and will be further defined and expanded during the development of the standard. Standard attribute information will include feature level metadata including the collection method and positional accuracy of the features. Additional geospatial representations of outside or inside space by other geometries may be added to this standard in a separate phase. This standard will be developed independently of specific technology platforms, but will be developed with the understanding that it must be able to be implemented with known or future technology. It is envisioned that a logical data model in UML will be included in the data content standard.

The data built using this standard is expected to be used in real property asset accountability and inventory applications. In addition it is intended to meet the basic immediate requirements for emergency management and the requirements for the individual federal agencies to develop situational awareness capability. It is anticipated that this standard will be expanded in the future to include more detailed geospatial data as it relates to buildings and facilities. It is intended to be used in conjunction with additional business-specific attributes maintained in separate database systems.

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