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FGDC Subcommittees

Active Subcommittees

Latest Status Report
Chair Person
Chair Phone or email
Cadastral Report - Feb 2014 Don Buhler, Department of the Interior / BLM 202-912-7353
Cultural Resources Report - May 2014 John Knoerl, Department of the Interior / NPS  202-354-2140
Federal Geodetic Control Report - Dec 2014 Juliana Blackwell, Department of Commerce / NGS 301-713-3222
Geologic Report - July 2014 David R. Soller, Department of the Interior / USGS 703-648-6907
Homeland Infrastructure Foundation Level Data (HIFLD)   David Alexander, Department of Homeland Security  202-447-3727 
Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Report - May 2014 Tony LaVoi, NOAA / Coast Services Center 843-740-1274
National Digital Orthoimagery Program
Report - Dec 2014 Chris Barnard, DHS
Spatial Water Data Report - June 2014 Stephen Aichele, Department of the Interior / USGS
Transportation Report - June 2014 (see notes, pg 10) Mark Bradford, Bureau of Transportation Statistics / BTS
Raquel Hunt, Federal Railroad Administration
Vegetation Report - October 2014 Marianne Burke, Department of Agriculture / FS 571-733-7972
Wetlands Report - July 2014 (see notes, pg 9) Bill Wilen, Department of the Interior / FWS 703-358-2278



Ad Hoc Subcommittees

Subcommittee Latest Status Report Chair Person Chair Phone
Address Content Data Standard [Street Address Data Standard Executive Summary
[Street Address Data Standard Presentation]
[Street Address Data Standard Dictionary Summary]
 Martha Wells 301-277-6212



Past Subcommittees

Subcommittee Chair Person Chair Phone
Base Cartographic Data Hedy Rossmeissl, Department of the Interior / USGS 703-648-5577
Cultural & Demographic Data Lynda Liptrap, Department of Commerce / Census 301-763-1058
International Boundaries & Sovereignty [Report - 2006] Ray Milefsky, Department of State, Office of the Geographer 202-647-1205 
Soils    [07 Workplan] [Report - 2006] Jennifer Sweet , Department of Agriculture / NRCS 817-509-3421
Spatial Climate Jan Curtis, Department of Agriculture/NRCS 503-414-3017




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