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Metadata Working Group 07 Work Plan


The Metadata Working Group established under the auspices of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) promotes and coordinates geospatial metadata activities among FGDC member agencies in support of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. The Group promotes awareness among FGDC member agencies of the metadata component to geospatial data; to facilitate the evolution and revision of the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM); and to establish a mechanism for the coordination, development, use, sharing, and dissemination of geospatial metadata among FGDC member agencies, as well as State, local, academic, and Tribal agencies and institutions.  The Group membership extends beyond OMB A-16 agencies and as a result benefits from a diverse and tiered membership which supports metadata implementation. 

The FGDC Metadata Program benefits from sister programs and teams within the FGDC: the Cooperative Agreements Program, the NSDI Training Project, the FGDC Standards Working Group, and the FGDC Training and Education Team.  USGS resources, such as the USGS Liaisons, also support the objectives and goals of the Group.  This work plan guides the Group’s activities through the 2007 fiscal year and beyond.  The agencies and members serving on the Group are responsible for implementing these work items and reporting back to the working group on their progress.

The Group originally established as an “ad hoc” working group, continues in the vein of volunteerism..  Membership is casual and members have no official assignments but rather volunteer to assist project development, review, and implementation.  The Group meets quarterly as information sharing conference calls with occasional web seminars.  All conference calls are supported by presentation slides.  Annotated slides, with comments from the call, are posted to the Group website. Those invited to the most recent conference call include:

• Federal:
 National Park Service
 Fish and Wildlife Service
 Bureau of Indian Affairs
 Bureau of Land Management
 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
 Bureau of Transportation Statistics
 Deputy Undersecretary, Installations and Environment (DISDI)
 Army Corp of Engineers
 Peterson Air Force Base (Colorado Springs, CO)
 Natural Resource Conservation Service
National Aeronautical and Space Administration
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Emergency Management Agency

• States
o New Jersey
o Minnesota
o Tennessee
o North Carolina
o Texas
o Arkansas

• Local
o Westchester County, New York

• Academia
o Northern Arizona University
o University of Idaho
o Virginia Polytechnic University
o University of North Carolina- Charlotte
o Columbia University
o Old Dominion University
o University of Nevada- Las Vegas
o Indiana University
o University of Wyoming

• Tribal
o Coeur d'Alene Tribe

• Non-Governmental Organizations
o Nature Serve
o Sonoma Ecology Center

• Private
o Intergraph
o Strategic Consulting

Objectives, Goals, and Scope of Work 
The objective of the Metadata Work Group is to ensure awareness and understanding of the features and benefits of NSDI principles and practices through metadata implementation. 

The goal is to continue metadata implementation success at the local, State, Federal, academic, and Tribal levels.

The major tasks for this Group include:
• Federal, State, local, academic, and Tribal metadata implementation.
• US National Profile development and adoption by ANSI.
• US National Profile training development.
• Working Group reorganization. 

Benefits or Justification/Legal Mandate
OMB Circular A-16 (Revised), Coordination of Geographic Information and Related Spatial Data Activities, August 19, 2002.
Executive Order 12906: Coordinating Geographic Data Acquisition and Access: The National Spatial Data Infrastructure, April 11, 1994. Amended by: Executive Order 13286, March 5, 2003.

Milestones, Schedule, and Budget 
The Group activities listed are funded through FGDC project proposals.   Progress on the work items and milestones listed below will be reported at each working group meeting and through annual NSDI reports.   

Work Item 1.  Federal, State, local, academic, and Tribal metadata implementation.
Metadata implementation is approached through many avenues which include: implementation consulting, training, standards interpretation, publications, websites, etc.  These tasks are performed by FGDC staff, contractors, CAP recipients, and volunteer trainers and contributors.  Implementation is achieved through a variety of activities such as implementation consultations and through outreach activities.  Implementation consultation requires time and effort of state and local data developers with intensive guidance from an experienced metadata implementer.  Consultation often results in an implementation plan.

Writing can be challenging because of the, sometimes, subjective nature of the standard.  How extensive must the metadata be, what is the most effective manner to create metadata?  These are examples of metadata standard interpretation questions which are handled on an as-needed basis either through telephone or email communications.  Who responds to these questions?  When available they are the State or Agency GIS or metadata resources and at other times the responder is FGDC staff or supported staff. 

Outreach has many flavors: workshops, publications, websites, etc.  Metadata workshops are held at: event located workshops, independent workshops, and, in 2007, Internet supported training.  Workshops are not offered on a set schedule but rather on an as-needed or special case basis and are often aligned with geospatial professional meetings and conferences.  Publications, which include guidance documents, curriculum, on-line training, development and update will continue throughout the FY.

Work Item 2.  US National Profile development and adoption by ANSI.
This is a continuing project to draft a subset metadata profile of ISO 19115 Geospatial Information – Metadata.  Assigned to FGDC by ANSI, this is a bi-national effort to develop an identical content profile of ISO 19115 for the US and Canada.  The profile will be in workbook form to assist Profile implementation.  In FY 2007 writing continues with the first draft expected at the end of 1st Quarter FY 2007.   A public review and adjudication of comments is planned with a subsequent second review in 2nd Quarter FY 2007 and ANSI adoption to follow.  

Work Item 3.  US National Profile training development. 
The FGDC Metadata Staff will prepare a starter set of training materials based on the US National Profile workbook.  Initial materials will be developed by Group volunteers at a two day workshop held in Denver Colorado in early December 2006.  Training materials development will continue in a follow-up workshop held in aside meetings at the time of the ESRI Federal User’s Conference in Washington D.C. January 9-12, 2007.  The draft materials will be vetted at the GeoTech Event in Calgary, Alberta in spring of 2007.  The final training suite will comply with the final US National Profile as adopted by ANSI.  Workshops at various locations will begin in 3rd Quarter 2007 at strategically located and themed workshops.  All members of the Group are encouraged participate on site or contribute remotely. 

Work item 4.  Working Group reorganization.
The Group lead proposes to reorganize the Working Group into three subgroups: Policy, International Standards, and Training and Education.  The Policy subgroup is comprised of implementation level members of the Group.  They are called upon to provide examples of metadata implementation at their agencies as examples for other agencies.  Policy subgroup member attendance at the quarterly conference call is not requested.  This subgroup may rely on posted conference call materials for updates. 

The International Standards subgroup is comprised of FGDC staff, other ISO Technical Committee for Geospatial Standards members, and other ANSI INCITS L1 members who regularly attend ISO metadata standards meeting.  They are called upon to relay information to the Group lead and allow the lead for forward developments to the US community.  The International Standards subgroup member attendance at the quarterly conference call is not requested.  This subgroup may rely on posted conference call materials for updates. 

The final subgroup addresses training and education, the heart of the FGDC metadata program.  This group is comprised of metadata trainers throughout the US community.  Most trainer subgroup members are current and former CAP recipients.  The group is comprised of Federal, State, local, academic, NGO, private, and Tribal representatives.  This subgroup is the distributed training, materials development, and materials review resource for the FGDC metadata program.  Because of this responsibility, this subgroup is requested to attend conference calls for program updates.

This reorganization plan will be vetted to the Group membership during 1st Quarter FY 2007 with comments posted to the membership by 2nd Quarter FY 2007.  Consensus by participating membership is planned for 3rd Quarter FY 2007 and implementation at that time.  

Points of Contact, Contact Info, and Area of Responsibility
Working Group Chair:                  
Sharon Shin
Federal Geographic Data Committee              
Telephone:  303-202-4230         

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2006 03:07 PM
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