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Homeland Security Working Group work plan

FGDC Homeland Security Working Group
Activity Status and Plans


Most activities are done through subgroups.  The purposes and status of the subgroups are:

• Agreements Subgroup:  Develop “standard” geospatial data sharing agreement (or guidelines for developing agreements) for homeland security purposes.  The group was organized in the spring and is operating.  The working group will take up the approval of attached work plan at its next meeting. 

• Emergency Response Symbology Subgroup:  Provide a consistent national set of symbols for use in maps that support emergency response activities.  ANSI INCITS/L1 approved the project proposal (attached) and approved the draft copy of the standard attached for submission.  The subgroup’s work on linear and polygonal symbology to support emergency response is delayed pending the identification of resources from DHS/FEMA at the beginning of FY 2006.  The subgroup will submit a project proposal for the next phase of the project at that time.

• Guidelines Subgroup:  Provide principles and guidance for use in evaluating the need to reduce or eliminate public access to specific geospatial data for Homeland Security reasons.  The FGDC steering committee is schedule to complete balloting on adoption of the guidelines in August 2005 (some members’ ballots are still outstanding).  The subgroup has identified follow-on work, but needs a new subgroup lead.  Identification of the lead is pending FGDC adoption of the guidelines.

• Information Content Subgroup:  Provide principles and guidance on geospatial information content useful for homeland security applications.  The initial products from this group are anticipated in September.  Plans for follow-on work depend on the recommendations of the subgroup.

• Recharter Subgroup:  Revise the charter for the working group.  The revised charter is due to the FGDC secretariat by November 1, 2005.

• US National Grid Subgroup:  Facilitate implementation of geoaddressing techniques based on the US National Grid by governments at all levels, businesses, public safety organizations, and individuals.  This activity was approved for a year (until January 2006), at which time the working group will review the activity.
An activity that the working group identified but has not started:
Identification of geospatial data that would be useful for homeland security applications.  This activity would be accomplished by working with the lead for the homeland security community in Geospatial One-Stop.  This position of community lead currently is vacant.


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