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GIAC memo 2001/07/01

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   <title>GIAC Memo: C/A Code on L2 Test (PRN 19)</title>


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<td ALIGN=RIGHT VALIGN=CENTER><b><font size=+3>GIAC </font><font size=+2>GPS Interagency Advisory Council</font></b></td>






<td ALIGN=RIGHT COLSPAN="2">01-July-2001</td>



<td COLSPAN="2">&nbsp;</td>



<td VALIGN=TOP>GIAC News Flash:</td>

<td VALIGN=TOP>C/A Code on L2 Test (PRN 19)</td>




The Air Force is planning another test for GPS PRN 19.

This test will activate C/A on L2 to test interaction 

with radar systems.  The state of health flag will be

set to "UNHEALTHY" during the test.  This test is not expected 

to be noticed with standard GPS receivers, since such 

equipment should not process data from unhealthy satellites. 


The tests will be conducted July 9-12, 2001, while the

satellite is over CONUS.  Planned test times roughly

span 00:25 through 08:27 UTC on those 4 days.  Test

operations may end early if necessary.


Please note that this test is distinct from the Digital

Distortion Anomaly Test (DDAT).  The review of procedures

for the DDAT is still in progress.  We will post a notice

when we get more information on the DDAT.

<p><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>for information write:</font></font>

<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>GPS INTERAGENCY ADVISORY COUNCIL</font></font>

<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>FEDERAL GEODETIC CONTROL SUBCOMMITTEE</font></font>

<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>NOAA, National Geodetic Survey, N/NGS</font></font>

<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>1315 East-West Highway, Room 8657</font></font>

<br><font face="Arial"><font size=-1>Silver Spring, Maryland 20910-3282</font></font>



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