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FGCS 1995 Annual Report

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   <title>FGCS 1995 ANNUAL REPORT</title>






(FGCS) 1995 ANNUAL REPORT</h2></center>


<p>1.GPS Interagency Advisory Council (GIAC) activities:

<p>-GIAC charter/structure was established in April and was announced in

FGDC newsletter.

<p>-GIAC charter and NOAA GPS applications were presented on June 1, 1995,

to public during poster session at AGU Spring meeting, Baltimore, Maryland.

<p>-Executive Board of GIAC was selected in May and held first meeting

on June 13, 1995, at NOAA, Silver Spring, Maryland and second meeting on

August 3, 1995 at USACE, Washington, D.C.

<p>-GIAC action items from Executive Board meetings were posted for public

review on FGCS home page.

<p>-GPS workshop and information exchange between agencies concerning GPS

applications was approved during first general meeting of GIAC on September

19, 1995. All Federal agencies were asked to document their Federal civil

positioning, navigation and timing uses of GPS by December 15, 1995. An

exchange of information is planned for early 1996

<p>2.FGCS activities:

<p>-FGCS home page was established in the Fall of 1994 and was connected

as FGDC Clearinghouse node during early 1995.

<p>-During the year, the FGCS charter was reviewed and redrafted in order

to incorporate GIAC. FGDC accepted the �new� charter on September 18, 1995.

This modification of FGCS charter was necessary to incorporate GIAC under

the FGDC "umbrella" and to be in compliance with OMB A-16.

<p>-During the year, the draft FGCS <u>Standards for Geospatial Positioning</u>

were compiled and released for review, with acceptance by FGDC expected

in 1996.

<p>-Specifications and procedures to incorporate Electronic Digital/Bar

Code Leveling Systems have been tested and were approved for final release

as an attachment to FGCS standards and specifications document. These specifications

require double-run observations and include both the bar-code and conventional

set ups.

<p>-Statement on NAD83/WGS84 Datum Tag on Mapping Products was published

in Federal Register, August 15, 1995, after extensive FGCS discussion and

review at winter and spring meetings in order to finalize the statement.

<p>-USACE and NGS are coordinating their research activities associated

with determining GPS heights to minimize duplication of effort. Guidelines

for determining GPS-derived orthometric heights at the 2 cm and 5 cm, 2-sigma

level, were released to FGCS members for comment at the June 1995 meeting.

Comments were compiled with report given at FGCS general meeting on September

20, 1995.

<p>-During the year, the Instrument Work Group, in cooperation with instrument

manufacturers, performed tests at NIST, Gaithersburg, MD, on Leica 300,

Ashtech Z12, Trimble 4000SSi, and TOPCON; the results are being released

on the FGCS home page for public review.

<p>-On October 16, 1995, the FGCS conducted an airborne "fly off", a kinematic

GPS test, which was open to all GPS receiver manufacturers, over the Ohio

Camera Calibration Test Range. The NOAA Citation jet was the operating

platform with the three manufacturers, Leica, Ashtech, and Trimble participating

in the test. GPS performance requirements were provided by NGS. Test results

will be provided for public review in early 1996.

<p>-The Fixed Reference Station Work Group contacted all known GPS receiver

manufacturers by mail and requested their requirements for software compatibility

with RINEX, with the goal of standardizing the RINEX format for nationwide

applicability. Report is being compiled and will be released for public

review in early 1996.

<p>-Chapters 17 and 20 of <u>The Guidebook: Multipurpose Land Information

Systems</u> were published. One chapter, presently in draft form, remains

to be published.




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