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Cadastral Subcommittee Charter

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This exhibit addresses lead agency and subcommittee responsibilities for the coordination of cadastral data-related activities among federal agencies and between federal agencies and state, local, tribal and private organizations including the coordination, construction, publication and maintenance of the national cadastre.  It also documents responsibilities for the coordinated development, use, sharing and dissemination of cadastral data financed in whole or in part by federal funds, needed in support of  federal applications and activities in support of the nation cadastre.


Under the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-16, revised 2002, responsibility to coordinate cadastral data-related activities is assigned to the Department of Interior.  This government-wide leadership for cadastral data coordination is carried out under the policy guidance and oversight of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (hereafter called the FGDC) Subcommittee for Cadastral Data and the Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Survey. 

Pertinent enabling authority also resides in the language of 43 U.S.C. § 2.


Cadastral data are defined as the past, current and future rights and interests in real property including the spatial information necessary to describe geographic extents.  Rights and interests are benefits or enjoyment in real property that can be conveyed, transferred, or otherwise allocated to another for economic remuneration.  Rights and interests are recorded in land record documents.  The spatial information necessary to describe geographic extents includes surveys and legal description frameworks such as the Public Land Survey System, as well as parcel-by-parcel surveys and descriptions. 

The national cadastre is a nation-wide representation of cadastral information that supports essential business practices, public query and cadastral data discovery.


The lead agency responsible for the coordination, management and dissemination of cadastral data is the Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Survey.  This organization will develop and implement a plan to coordinate cadastral data-related activities among federal agencies, Tribal, state and local agencies and the private sector and will report on its activities to the FGDC.  In carrying out its government-wide leadership in coordinating cadastral data activities, the Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Survey is directly responsible and ensures compliance with objectives and guidance provided by the FGDC. The Subcommittee will make all reports and activities available through its website at  This site will contain the most current information regarding Subcommittee activities and events.

V.  SUBCOMMITTEE             

A Subcommittee for Cadastral Data (hereafter called the Subcommittee) will assist the lead agency to coordinate federal agencies, Tribal, state and local agencies and the private sector interests in cadastral data, including the facilitation of exchange of information and transfer of data; the establishment and implementation of standards and guidelines for quality, content and transferability of data; the identification of business requirements, the construction, publication and maintenance of the national cadastre and the collection of spatial data to minimize duplication of effort where practicable and economical.


The Subcommittee shall consist of representatives designated and accepted by the existing membership who collect, or finance the collection of, cadastral data as part of their Agency’s mission or have direct application of these to meet legislated mandates.  Each member agency/organization on the Subcommittee shall designate its representative, an alternate if necessary, and changes thereto, to the Subcommittee Chairperson.  Other organizations may be added with the concurrence of the Subcommittee Chairperson.  The Subcommittee shall be chaired by the Bureau of Land Management Cadastral Survey


      Responsibilities of the Subcommittee include the following: 
              A. Facilitate the coordination of activities related to cadastral data and the exchange of cadastral data by formal and informal means. 
              B. Facilitate the collection, compilation and sharing of information related to cadastral data activities. 
              C. Participate in the development and evaluation of data definitions, standards and guidelines to be used in the United States or by international organizations for the collection and publication/distribution of cadastral data.  
              D. Work with producers of cadastral data and customers to identify ways which cadastral data from any source may be shared and/or included in the national cadastre in support of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure. 
              E. Recommend needed changes to the definition of cadastral data to more accurately describe its scope to meet customer business needs. 
              F. Assist the Bureau of Land Management in establishing and publishing standards, specifications and guidelines for cadastral data (e.g., incorporating conversion to metric units) and assist in establishing strategies and priorities for cadastral data. 
              G. Assist in the development and implementation of common standards and guidelines on cadastral data content, format and accuracy.  Business needs of local, state, Tribal and national organizations will be supported by the standards and guidelines. 
              H. Promote government-wide use of defined and published standards for cadastral data.  
               I. Facilitate economic and efficient cadastral data practices through the sharing of experiences involving applications. 
              J. Support higher-order or crosscutting activities established or recognized by the FGDC. 
              K. Encourage agencies to schedule the disposition of cadastral data in coordination with the National Archives and Records Administration to provide for the permanent preservation of historical data. 


Subcommittee meetings shall be held at the call of the Subcommittee Chairperson, and shall be held at least annually.  Notification of meetings and an agenda will be made available to members of the Subcommittee and to the FGDC Executive Secretary 10 Federal working days in advance of the meeting.  Meeting minutes will be completed and made available within 15 working days after the meeting through the subcommittee website 

All decisions shall be made on the basis of consensus.  For the purpose of formal votes seventy-five (75) percent of the membership present will be considered a passing vote. 

The Subcommittee Chairperson shall consult with the Chairperson of the Coordination Group to determine the need for further coordination prior to implementing Subcommittee decisions that impact the FGDC or its other subcommittees and working groups. 

The Subcommittee may establish additional rules and procedures for conducting business.


The Subcommittee may create work groups or task groups, or further subdivisions, at the discretion of the Subcommittee Chairperson, as appropriate to carry out its activities and meet responsibilities. The membership, activities and accomplishments of these groups will be published on the Subcommittee website (  




The Subcommittee will employ those tools and methods that are best suited to meeting its responsibilities, such as subcommittee meetings, national user forums, requirements solicitations, user surveys and analyses, spatial data user workshops, research initiatives, cooperative ventures and use of the Internet.

The Subcommittee Chairperson will coordinate the Subcommittee's activities with other FGDC subcommittees, working groups and other components by participating in the FGDC's Coordination Group.


The Subcommittee shall report to the FGDC annually, by December 31, describing the accomplishments made by the Subcommittee over the past year.  This annual status report shall be submitted to the Executive Secretary or representative, and shall contain 
  · accomplishments of the past calendar year, 
  · updates to the operating plan of activities planned for the upcoming year, 
  · reports, findings, recommendations, photographs, diagrams and other materials that may be of value to the FGDC, and 
  · a brief discussion of problems encountered and other matters of interest.

The Subcommittee shall develop and follow a national strategy for cadastral activities and list planned annual accomplishments. 

The Subcommittee Chairperson will make draft reports of Subcommittee meetings, including Subcommittee recommendations and action items available to all Subcommittee members for review prior to approval. 

The Subcommittee Chairperson will make the final report of Subcommittee meetings available to all Subcommittee members, the FGDC Executive Secretary and the Standards Working Group Chairperson through the Subcommittee website (


The Subcommittee shall remain in existence until terminated by consensus of the Subcommittee and the FGDC.




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