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Metadata Trainers: Rebecca Bannon

Basic and advanced metadata training using ESRI software products and the National Park Service Metadata Tools and Editor. Provides GIS specialists with one-on-one training using their own datasets. Topics include the value of metadata, elements of the CSDGM, elements of NPS Metadata Profile, use of ESRI and NPS metadata tools, organizing and prioritizing legacy data, creation and use of metadata templates, and development of strategies for metadata maintenance.

National Park Service Metadata Tools and Editor
Metadata Parser (MP)

Some training supported by FGDC
Others must be coordinated through principal investigator

Natural Resources
Coastal Resources and Oceanography
National Park Service Metadata Profile

Hands-on Metadata Training for National Park Service Personnel:

  • November 27-30, 2006 – Fire Island National Seashore, Kingston, RI
  • September 17-20, 2007 – Cape Cod National Seashore, Kingston, RI
  • October 22-23, 2007 – Gateway National Recreation Area, Staten Island, NY

Metadata Training Workshop for NPS Cultural Resources Specialists:

  • December 11, 2006 - Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation, Boston, MA

Limitations: Based in the Northeast US; must be approved through principal investigator

Contact Information:
University of Rhode Island
1 Greenhouse Rd, Room 105
Kingston, RI 02881
Organization: Environmental Data Center
Phone: 401-874-5054
Fax: 401-874-4561

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