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Metadata Trainers: Nathan Lowry

FGDC Metadata content usually taught with mapping-grade GPS Data Collection, Editing in ArcGIS (not ESRI authorized), and the SDSFIE Basic and Advanced content to US Air Force and other Department of Defense Services and Agencies.


  • Received FGDC Metadata training from NOAA and FGDC in Denver on June 10-11, and completed a FGDC Metadata Train the Trainer course 2004.
  • Presented on FGDC Metadata three conferences and on data quality in an additional three conferences. 
  • Taught how to write FGDC Metadata in training sessions for well over 50 military, civil service, and contracted staff working for the Department of Defense, largely while working at HQ AFSPC.
  • Prepared metadata for state, local, and federal clients since 1999 and have probably written more than 200 complete metadata records in my career.
  • Written specifications for metadata tools and would be happy to provide further service to the Federal, state, and local community by teaching according to the limits of my client and employer.

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Nathan Lowry

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