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Metadata Trainers: Frank Roberts


Duration:  Workshops are typically designed as one day events but content is regularly expanded or reduced to meet specific client needs.  Web-based instruction is an option for multiple parties in distributed locations.

Costs:  Some training supported by FGDC, Others - fee and facility

Tools:  EPA Metadata Editor (EME), ArcCatalog, Text Editor, mp, cns, user-specified

Disciplines: Natural Resource Management, Federal Government, State Government

Experience: Training in metadata since 2000.

Limitations: None

Contact Information:
6189 Cobbs Rd,
Alexandria, VA 22310
organization: Innovate! Inc.
phone: 703.922.9090 ext 723
mobile: 208.699.2712
fax: 703.922.9002

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2012 11:50 AM
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