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Metadata Trainers: AJ Wortley


Typical workshop is 1 day. From 1 hour to 1 day available according to needs.

Introductory Metadata: One-day workshop (flexible)providing guidance and support in understanding geospatial metadata documentation, gaining hands-on experience writing quality metadata, and in integrating metadata production and maintenance into spatial data creation workflow and professional responsibility.

Costs are variable. FGDC offset may be available in 2002. Else, facility and materials fee may apply.

SMMS, ArcCatalog, ArcView MDC, user-defined, Word proc./text, mp/cns

State, regional, and local government
Framework/ data-sharing initiatives

Lead presenter: 2001/2002 Wisconsin Geospatial Metadata Development Series
(~10 workshops throughout the state 10/01-08/02; for reg./local/tribal gov't)

Workshop Team Member: 2000 Wisconsin Metadata Training (4 workshops)
(Part of 4-member team giving 4 workshops around state to local/regional gov't and private sector professionals under CAP 2000 Metadata grant.)

Training: Clearinghouse Manager in Wisconsin, last 3 years FGDC Train the Trainer at URISA, Nashville, Spring, 2001

Mentor/Professional: Various informal metadata/clearinghouse presentations at WI Land Info. Association conferences, and within agencies, departments, GIS User groups.

Trainer-on-hand: FGDC Metadata Booth - URISA Annual -LongBeach, CA, October, 2001

WLIA Metadata Task Force, WLIB Standards Committee

Limitations: none

Contact Information:
160 Science Hall, 550 N. Park St.
Madison, WI 53703
organization: Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office
phone: 608.265.8106
fax: 608.262.5205

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