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This folder contains information posted by the FGDC transition team. The transition team was set up to provide a consistent information to new officails (SAOGIs) about FGDC and related activities.

Page FGDC Transition Team Workspace
This page is designed to help FGDC members provide information about FGDC activities to new administration leadership and Senior Agency Official for Geospatial Information (SAOGIs) during transition.
File FGDC Fact Sheet DRAFT 011409 v5.doc
File FGDC Key Messages 1-15-09 v2.doc
File GeoLoB Fact Sheet 011509 v4.doc
File GeoLoB-SmartBuy Fact Sheet V1.doc
File IFTN Fact Sheet 011509 v4.doc
File National Parcels Fact Sheet 011509 v2.doc
File NGAC Fact Sheet 011509 v2.doc
File FGDC Key Messages FactSheets 011509.pdf
File GIS Update to DOC CIO Council - FINAL.ppt
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2009 08:24 AM
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