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September 11, 2007 Coordination Group Meeting Action Items

Action 1:  Tony LaVoi will report back regarding his talk with Google regarding the government being classified as commercial.

Action 2:  Please contact Dennis Crow with questions regarding the use of Google Earth and for emergency operations. (

Action 3: Gita Urban-Mathieux will notify the Coordination Group when the FY 08 CAP Grants are posted on

Action 4:  Please contact Gita Urban-Mathieux with suggestions regarding where the FY 08 CAP grants should be advertised. ( )

Action 5:  Please send Alison Dishman a list of conferences where you think FGDC should have a presence / booth.  List the organization, its focus, meeting schedule and why we should engage them / what you can bring to the table (if you have a booth where you can display FGDC literature).  ( )

Action 6:  Please give feedback to Al Stevens ( ) by mid-October regarding NDOP, NDEP and the IADWG having a formal liaison with FGDC.

Action 7:  Please contact Shirley Hall if you would like information regarding the October NDOP meeting.  ( )

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