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FGDC Working Group Report Summary

Out of 9 Working Group responses:

  • CHARTER - 89% had a current charter or plan for data collection
  • ACTIVITY - 89% were active in FY 2000/2001
  • INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATION - 78% had international/global coordination
  • DATA SHARING - 78% had a policy in place for full and open access or data sharing
  • METADATA - 55% had metadata discoverable through the NSDI Clearinghouse
  • STANDARDS - 55% had standards for their working group theme
  • PARTNERSHIPS - 55% had collaborative partnerships regarding their working group theme.

Areas of Concern included:

  • There is confusion regarding the role of Working Groups and Subcommittees and the leadership role for theme generation as defined by A-16.
  • The lead agency should implement endorsed standards in its activities and that of other stakeholders.

Lessons Learned:

  • Use of professional societies and NGO's has been very beneficial in developing FGDC Standards.
  • Planning process should include procedures for updating GIS data.
  • Continual GIS training is needed.
  • GIS implementation requires funds and manpower.
  • Boilerplate Procurement Language is needed.

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