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Federal Agency Report Summary

Out of 13 Agency responses:

  • STANDARDS - 100% had developed and/or adopted appropriate standards
  • PARTICIPATION - 100% participate in FGDC subcommittees or working groups
  • INTEGRATION - 92% had data integrable with other Federal agencies and other sources of data (State, County, local, private).
  • E-GOV - 77% are using geospatial information to provide better service through E-Gov.
  • METADATA - 69% had metadata available and discoverable online through an NSDI-compatible clearinghouse node registered a part of the NSDI Clearinghouse Network.
  • GPRA GOALS - 62% had GPRA strategic plan goals specifically related to spatial data activities.
  • STRATEGY - 54% had a strategy for advancing geographic information and spatial data activities in coordination with the FGDC strategy, pursuant to Circular A-16.
  • GPRA PERFORMANCE MEASURES - 54% had GPRA performance measures specifically related to spatial data activities.

Areas of Concern included:

  • Security issues regarding data pertaining to critical infrastructure.
  • Section 508 compliance.
  • Lack of resources to enter into data development partnerships.
  • Enterprise GIS
  • Secondary use issues regarding commercial licensed data.
  • Long-term data preservation issues.
  • Alternate performance measures needed for long-term data development.
  • Need for more incentives for cross-agency cooperation.
  • Relationship between geospatial data standards bodies and consortiums.
  • Distribution of Federal electronic products should be free.
  • Same geospatial data standards should be used by Civil and Military agencies.
  • Database standards needed.
  • Standards should be developed to address needs of local governments.
  • Metadata file naming conventions require standardization.
  • New policy must be established regarding land ownership records now available on-line.

Lessons Learned:

  • More intergovernmental partnerships are essential.
  • Automation of business process and incorporation of geospatial data enables better use of GIS technology.
  • FGDC provides an excellent forum for the discussion of technological and collaborative advances in the geospatial field.
  • An Agency-level FGDC Coordinating Group overseeing involvement in the FGDC Subcommittees and Working Groups has proved to be successful.
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