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Biological Data

Part B
LEAD FEDERAL AGENCY/BUREAU AND/OR SUBCOMMITTEE/WORKING GROUP REPORT (Agencies With Lead Responsibilities Assigned under Current Circular A-16 Authorities) (Please provide a separate report for each activity for which you have the lead)

1. Program/Activity Name:

Biological Data Working Group

2. What are the programs this data supports?

Other types of biological data and information for which standards development would be useful (e.g. metadata, taxonomy/nomenclature, etc.) and are not covered by the thematic FGDC subcommittees. Therefore this could support any program that uses biological data and information.

Very Briefly Describe All Applicable Items:
3. Uses of Data: What are the end uses of this data? How does it benefit customers, support lead and other agency missions, etc.?

The Biological Data Profile of the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata will help users to discover, assess, access, and use both geospatial and non-geospatial biological data and information.

4. Charter/Plan: Do you have a current charter or plan for collection? Should it be updated?

The Biological Data Working Group has a current charter and plan. The plan is updated annually to reflect the current and ongoing activities of the Biological Data Working Group.

5. Metadata: What is the status of metadata? Is it discoverable and served through the NSDI Clearinghouse? What percentage of this theme's data has metadata and is in a Clearinghouse node?


6. Standards: What is the status of this theme's data, process, transfer, and classification standards?

The FGDC Biological Data Working Group, in collaboration with others such an American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) panel of experts, developed the Biological Data Profile of the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata, FGDC-STD-001.1-1999. Work is currently underway on the preparation of a draft FGDC Standard for Biological Nomenclature and Taxonomy.

7. Progress: List FY 2000/2001 activities/progress to date (quantify where possible)

The Biological Data Profile of the Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata, FGDC-STD-001.1-1999 was approved as an FGDC standard on Oct. 26, 1999. Four FGDC fact sheets regarding the activities of the Biological Data Working Group were produced. An FGDC proposal to develop a biological nomenclature and taxonomy standard was approved. Two workshops with national and international experts from government, universities and NGO's have been held to develop a consensus data model for development of a draft biological nomenclature and taxonomy standard.

8. Leadership: Describe your active leadership role with others (private, local, State, Federal) who collect and use this data.

The Biological Data Working Group has members from interested Federal and State agencies, universities and NGO's who are assisting in the development of standards and other activities of the Working Group. The FGDC Fact Sheets about the Biological Data Working Group are taken by its members and FGDC staff to numerous professional society and other types of meetings.

9. Collaborative Partnerships: How many major partnerships with others do you have on this theme? (list if desired)


10. Scope: Are you engaged in broad participation and international/global coordination?

The Biological Data Working Group has enlisted professional societies and other types of NGO's, which have international representation, to aid in its FGDC standards development.

11. Policy: Do you have a policy in place for full and open access or data sharing?


12. Are there areas or issues regarding lead responsibilities for spatial data themes that require attention, or lessons-learned that you would like to share with others? Please describe

The use of professional societies and NGO's has been very beneficial in helping the Biological Data Working Group develop FGDC standards.

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