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Folder 2004 Denver Kickoff Workshop
File 2004 CAP Announcement (no longer open)
File FGDC Geospatial Grant Guidance FY 07
The purpose of this document is to offer guidance to Federal agency program managers seeking to modify their grant program announcements to ensure Federal grant dollars are wisely invested when grantees collect, maintain, distribute, use or preserve geospatial data during grant project execution. This guidance to Agencies also acts as an outline for the actions needed to be in compliance with OMB passback on geospatial grant related activities associated with Geospatial One-Stop and
File FactsheetCAP2007Projects052007.pdf
News Item Extension of 2007 NSDI CAP-Category 4
News Item 2007 NSDI CAP Grants - now closed
News Item 2007 NSDI CAP proposals selected
Page Report Format for Metadata Implementation Projects
Category 1: 2004
Page Report Format for Web Mapping Service Projects
Category 4: 2004
Page Report Format for Web Feature Service Projects
Category 5: 2004
Page Report Format for Participation in the National Map Projects
Category 6: 2004
Page Report Format for Metadata Training and Outreach Projects
Category 2: 2004; category 1: 2005, 2006
Page Report Format for Fifty States Initiative Projects
Category 3 - 2006, 2007
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