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Innovate ISO for EPA and Idaho

Award Number G12AC20135, Category 2: ISO Geospatial Metadata Standards Implementation

Innovate! Inc. (Innovate) collaborated with the US EPA Environmental Dataset Gateway (EDG) and the State of Idaho – INSIDE Idaho metadata clearinghouses to evaluate the requirements for transitioning from FGDC CSDGM metadata to ISO 19115. Both organizations currently contribute metadata records to and have many years of history in metadata creation and development. This project investigated the steps required to transition the EDG and INSIDE Idaho to ISO metadata. The outcomes of the project included: 

•    The Metadata Transform Test utility, a web application that provides a common testing platform for a variety of metadata transformations:
      o    FGDC CSDGM format to ISO 19115, 19115-2, and 19110
      o    ArcGIS 1.0 format to 19115 (experimental)
      o    19115, 19115-2, and 19110 upload and validation
•    Presentations at industry conferences
     o    FGDC Metadata Working Group
     o    Esri International User Conference in San Diego, CA
•    A new public website dedicated to sharing metadata resources
•    Publicly accessible documentation and video tutorials
•    A major EDG upgrade to Esri Geoportal version 1.2.4
•    Concrete plans to upgrade the EPA Metadata Editor (EME) to accommodate ISO metadata
•    Support for ISO metadata within the INSIDE Idaho development servers for their catalog database and website including the ability to leverage NOAA-produced xml-transformation and style sheet files

Innovate staff invested a significant amount of time to understand the intricacies of ISO metadata—an investment that will allow Innovate to help other organizations transition smoothly from FGDC CSDGM to ISO.

Final Report

Presentation to the FGDC Metadata Working Group, June 19, 2013

Interim Report

Innovate! Inc.


Frank Roberts
703-922-9090 Extension 723

Alexandra Walrath

Dan Spinosa

Dave Parrish

Bruce Godfrey

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