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Miami-Dade County GIS Metadata Trainer and Outreach Assistance

Award Number G12AC20131, Category 1: Metadata Trainer and Outreach Assistance

Miami-Dade County (MDC) will coordinate metadata training in accordance with NSDI guidelines. MDC will provide metadata training, metadata creation, maintenance and publishing assistance, and program implementation and support. Training manuals and materials will be developed, and include standards, guidelines and procedures for partner entities to establish and maintain metadata within their organization. Methods to deliver the training curriculum will include demonstrations, lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and hands-on training. Web 2.0 applications will be explored and implemented to enable resources on to be more readily available to communities.

In addition, MDC may enhance metadata training in academia through instructional developments based on the University Consortium for Geographic Information and Technology’s “Body of Knowledge” requirements. Training and outreach will also be coordinated and conducted for managerial organizations such as the National League of Cities and others.

MDC will register as a trainer on the NSDI Trainer Registry. As a trainer, MDC will: 1) Participate in FGDC distributed training network; 2) Conduct outreach to the aforementioned partners; and 3) Publish upcoming training schedules and information through our GIS User Group meetings. MDC will continue to be a metadata advocate and promote data inventory; documentation sharing; NSDI registration and participation; resources; and metadata program implementation. Metadata training material developed and recorded will be shared and disseminated via MDC GIS website.

Interim Report

Project Kick-off Presentation

Miami-Dade County, Information Technology Department

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