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Test your Z39.50 service

Test your Z93.50 service by running a search client against your metadata server.

In your window you can now test the zserver process with the zclient or izclient programs installed also in the Isite's bin directory. This type of client access is not meant to provide a friendly interface to Z39.50 databases, but rather supports basic network queries to Isite and other Z39.50 databases for testing purposes. The zclient provides command-line query. Typing the zclient command with no arguments will tell you its usage.


CNIDR zclient, Version 2.1X.XX
Copyright (c) 2005 MCNC/CNIDR
Usage: zclient host port database query [record_syntax]

zclient localhost 2210 fgdcmeta "water[1,4]"

The zclient program will search the local computer (nickname is always 'localhost'), port 2210, and ask for data containing water in the title, where title is attribute number 4. The values for the numbered attributes are defined in the or fgdc.localmap file in your Isite/bin directory. Only approximately 25 of the 299 FGDC metadata fields are actively searchable at present, so pick query fields carefully to test, if you are interested. The [record syntax] can be populated with a specific file format (XML, HTML) that you wish to receive back -- the default is text.

You can also substitute other host IP addresses to hunt for data if you know them, see the for connection details on all registered servers. At a minimum, search the IP number or full host name of your server to be sure it is "seen" properly.

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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2005 04:41 PM
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